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Classic material... - 90%

Snxke, July 4th, 2004

Archgoat and Beherit have joined forces to release on of the better split-releases of the black metal canon. With most splits being used for no other purpose than to cross-breed fan bases the overall feel of this CD is one of mutual disgust and hatred for all things conventional and even beautiful.

Beherit are at their insane best, with Holocausto smashing and crashing throught everything he can find, his maddening shriek maddening intact. The material is as strong as anything as Beherit has ever done and his side of the split (superior to the quality Archgoat material) makes for an impressive listen that is more than nessecary for any black metal fan.

The Archgoat portion is also very good, despite not matching to the insanity of Holocausto's throbbing death-vision. Solid songs, and a frenzied performance mark this side as the "carried" but quality portion of the split. There is no overall weakness to this material, and all black metal fans should be more than happy that it was combined with the legendary Beherit's work.

The artwork and presentation also bring force a diabolical mood with the ruins of a chapel shrouded in red light. Low key, giving only the needed information...this split is the perfect black metal sampler for all of those looking for something a tad more extreme than the ever-weakning Norse scene.

Buy or die...