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No merit from Beherit - 10%

Hectorlicious, November 20th, 2022

The idea of revisiting this album decades later is one I regret. It is like going back to a restaurant that gave you food poisoning the first time, and then coming back for seconds out of stupid curiosity. It is genuinely sickening. Talk about being a glutton for punishment. Needless to say, I am beyond confused with this collection of tracks today as I was back when I first heard this in the late 90's.

Beherit's second full release, and follow up to Drawing Down the Moon is not a compilation of songs, but a collection of nine tracks. This was initially intended as an ambiance record that has been called ritual music. Coming from a metal background, you'd expect some follow up album that is layered ambiance that evokes a range of emotions, or scenes, or maybe some intricate or rhythmically thought producing sounds... No... Oh no... Instead we get some foul one man band sounding project that should've been kept private. Like, how the hell do you go from Drawing Down the Moon to this? Easy. Strip away all guitars, whisper repeatedly some lame words into a microphone, then let your cat sit on your keyboard all day, and then use drum samples from this same awful synth. Did someone find this synth in their grandmother's basement? I don't know exactly, but the results are bad.

Most everything contained in this recording is the "artist" pushing the key on the synth repeatedly over nothing else. This here is as basic and annoying as it gets. The tracks are guitarless and so boring. The tracks with keyboards are tacky and lack any real creativity. The first track of this release greats us with some cheap sound samples. Talk about being the definition of lo-fi in its most seriously undesirable, and unpleasant state. The track Tribal Death has the some semblance of it's predecessor because it has some depth to it, but is confined to the lameness of this release's aimless limitations. The whispered line "the planet is mine" is repeated over, and over as the background thumping goes on. Where is the effort here? Are we being trolled? The only track here that seems to have any musical merit is Paradise (part II). Everything else here is synthetic and disposable trash.

I also don't care that this is labelled as ritual music here, this is laughable crap and should be deleted from existence. I really wish that I could get my 40 minutes of my life back.