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A Beautiful Grim Experience - 100%

hellhippie, December 11th, 2008

If you are reading this you should have heard of this band . Most people write Beherit off as primitive noisy junk . The others have heard this perfection . Technically their first full length as The Oath of Black Blood was a bootleg put out by Turbo records to attempt to reclaim a contractual debt the band had , this is one every black and death metal fan should own . Here's why .

Starting off with a droning monotonous intro passage set to childish synthesizer , the listener is in for a wall of sound unlike any before ! Absolutely this is the only flaw with this album . Drawing Down the Moon has an immediately obvious unique sound . The vocals are almost whispered in a strange but fitting style that makes the punishing repetitive song structure of the first track Saloman's Gate all the more evil . There is a breakdown in the middle just after the choir like chanting that is simply brutal . Awesome !

The listener is then treated to a string of four more perfectly executed evil masterpieces . Nocturnal Evil , Sadomatic Rites , Black Arts and The Gate of Nanna all have that perfect heavy unbelievable guitar sound that is prevalent through out this entire album . Hypnotic trance like riffs down strummed and groovy . Caveman sounding drums with early primitive tribal beats pummel and punish you to the point of sheer surrender .

Next up is the first of two instrumentals perfectly placed on this amazing album . Nuclear Girl is a dark and foreboding warning that almost dares the occasional listener to go back where they came from if not strong of heart . Heavy synthesizer with an almost triumphant feel , it breaks up the suffocating grim feel of this record .

Unholy Pagan Fire and the song Down There are next up , and in continuing with the total feel of this body of work stay true to form . Evil , bouncy , blackened perfect songs belted out with sheer ferocity . A completely ancient sounding tribute to the past cult gods of old . Amazing !

The second instrumental Summerlands , is again perfectly placed here . Giving the listener yet another well earned , eerie almost grandiose break . Heavy pan flute is played over another droning synthesizer track as an almost primitive speech is recited . A gasp of well deserved air to almost allow you to make it through the end of this sheer master work .

My personal favorite part of the album , as in my mind it's broken up in three's ( the instrumental breaks dividing it up perfectly ) is the well earned end . Werewolf Semen and Blood , Thou Angel of the Gods and Lord of Shadows and Goldenwood are the last tracks on the album . This is my personal favorite part of the aforementioned "trilogy" of this record . You get pummeled at the end of this by uncompromising skull pounding riffs played at a frantic maniacal pace . Almost dizzying in their execution , they are the perfect end to a perfect , yes perfect album . My favorite song if i had to choose a favorite would be Thou Angel of the Gods . It doesn't matter thou because they are all perfectly executed masterpieces in their own right .

A classic album by an amazingly under appreciated band . Drawing Down the Moon is a well deserved tribute to the forgotten ancient pagan gods of old . A beautiful grim experience and certainly the highlight of Beherit's short lived amazing career ................... Own This !!!