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Overrated - 10%

WilliamAcerfeltd, November 14th, 2006

Firstly let's get one thing straight. This album is NOT black metal this is dark ambient and a rather uninspiring attempt at that. Dark ambient is supposed to invoke a sense of dread in the listener, this doesn't. In fact it's quite tiresome because it’s just so boring.

My main complaint about this album is its sheer mediocrity and repetitiveness. You can bet your bottom dollar that the repetitiveness degrades the album pure and simple. All the songs are basically the same, an intro using some random instrument, such as tuba, then repeating the same riff over and over again for about 2-3 minutes and finally adding some really dark and evil synths at the end of the song. Yep that’s about it, don't let the excitement kill you. When I first got this album (judging from the scores this album got) I was expecting a really intense, evil sounding masterpiece. What I got was a slow, boring album that literally goes nowhere.

This album is very weird. Sometimes you wish the song had have gone on for longer because you think the song is going somewhere. However, come to think of it now, even if the song had of been 20 minutes long, I doubt it would have had more variety, judging from the formula of this album. Other times, you wish the song would hurry up and finish because it's so fucking boring and repetitive. Clearly, little effort was put into this album. There is no variety in repeating the same riff over and over again and then whacking a synth on at the end to make it seem like there is some.

Another weird thing about this album is the vocals. Harsh whispering mixed with deep demonic sounding vocals? Hate to say it, but the vocals blow, they aren't evil sounding and they sure as shit don't invoke any sense of dread in me. I mean, the way the vocals are delivered they DON'T even sound convincing. They just sound like these guys did it in order to conform to the black metal style and to make a quick buck. I might have actually enjoyed this album a bit more, had he bothered to done the vocals properly, i.e. loudly...

Another bad thing about this album is how poorly constructed the songs are. Literally, the intro with random instruments seems totally irrelevant to the song because as soon as the intros over, you never hear from that instrument again. Also the synths are just slapped on at the end of each song. Good synths should be weaved into songs, not just put on the end of the song to make it seem like you've got variety.

On the brighter side of things, the atmosphere is there and atmosphere can make a good album a great album. However by no means can it make a good album on its own.

I honestly do know how this could be called black metal, let alone a masterpiece. What we have here, is very dull dark ambient. Perhaps if these guys had of added more variety, speeded their songs up a bit and done the vocals properly, I might have actually liked this album. However this album seems rushed and very insincere. All in all, this is a very poor attempt at a black metal album. There is hardly any creativity or anything interesting on this album. If you want to hear how this album SHOULD have been done, download Carpathian Forest's song, Speechless. It's got a lot of variety, has the dark atmosphere this album's got, the songs are better constructed and finally the song's actually good/interesting.

In closing, if you've got a lot of time and a lot of money on your hands give this a listen, otherwise, forget it because quite frankly this album stinks.