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True Black Art - 97%

So_It_Is_Done, November 29th, 2004

From the first song we notice that the whole album is very minimalistic.The Intro is spoken with an unusual voice, which later on transforms from funny to scary. Later,the album continues down this road until there is no way back. Cult is almost touchable here.
"Drawing Down the Moon" takes us into the dark, trance, and occult world of possessed music filled with evil moments like the whispers; very surprising, and freezing the blood in our veins.
The lyrics are very strict and short, but that forces us to notice how evil were creators. Occult perversive themes about worshipping Satan clearly dominate the album. Riffs sometimes seem to be pure evil versions of Black Sabbath's old work "The Gate of Nanna". Notice, the pick scratches on strings at about 2:45, that's very powerful effect "Salomon's Gate”. After a couple of slower songs we are again kicked into the gates of hell. Schizophrenic picks, and an unnatural shattered tempo make a very unusual effect "Down There".
Vocals are some of the best I've ever heard, comparable even to Demoncy. Morever, Holocausto is almost as good as Atilla at "De Mysteriis.."or Nocturno Culto at "Panzerfaust" so it’s very high level then. With further listening you'll notice that despite a few faster moments, the music is mostly slow and raw. There are non-metal bits between songs like "Summerlands”, which depict Holy Paradise turned inside out. It's achieved thanks to their dark, ambient atmosphere, and possessed voice.
This album leaves a hole in your head every time you play it, you will never be cured. All in all “Drawing Down the Moon” is an unforgettable experience, you better try it and understand.