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Fuzzy and dark - 75%

Human666, October 18th, 2007

'Drawing Down the Moon' opens in a very promising way, but soon later this album stops to amaze you and stays at a solid level of black metal, not a bad one but not that impressing either. The drawback of this album is that it's maybe too long, this album could be better with eight songs instead of thirteen. There aren't much changes in the overall structures of the songs: slightly repetitive riffs which creating hypnotic rhythm and quite dark atmosphere, letting you to drown into a minimal void of darkness, but maybe for too long.

The riffing is mostly constant power chords strumming in fast tremolo picking or moderate dry tempo which gets some support by the fuzzy presence of the keyboards. The vocals are type of exhaled growl which lacks some aggression and presence, a more guttural type of growl could be very constructive for this album and increase more vibe within the dark void of this album.

Highlights: The intro which create a very dark atmosphere with artificial and extremely low pitched growl and some cold howls from the keyboards. 'Salomon's Gate' and 'Nocturnal Evil' which have quite intense blasting of primitive and raw riffing and 'The Gate of Nanna' which is slow paced and spreading some necessary grimness with it's quite hypnotic atmosphere.

Overall, this is a good album but it's not THAT great. It could be better if it was shorter and if the vocals wasn't that fragile. Worth hearing if you are looking for hypnotc and fuzzy album, just don't expect for any masterpiece.