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Their Band Name Says it All - 99%

WitchCraft, July 23rd, 2004

Amazing. Simply Amazing! This is a death metal masterpiece. This is one of the heaviest albums i've heard to date, and alot of the heaviness is due to the tone of the guitars. They are crushingly heavy and the bass drums don't have that wussy clicky sound. They have enough punch to break through a brick wall. Nergal's vocals are really intense, not your typical deeper than hell death grunting but more like deep, slightly raspy growls. Behemoth's musicianship is incredible, maintaining bone crushing heaviness with melody and intricate rhythms. And speaking of rhythm, the use of stop-and-go riffs really get your head banging. Each song is memorable and stand out. Very little excessive repitition going on here. Also, i can't stress how intelligent this band is. They're lyrics are so well written and cover themes of antichristianity, mythology and the occult. It's very obvious they know their stuff. Also, the cover artwork is incredible. Most notable tracks would be Typhonian Soul Zodiac, As Above So Below, and Natural Born Philosopher. Zos Kia Cultus is a must buy.