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It's OK - 60%

WilliamAcerfeltd, July 25th, 2008

When you get Behemoth, you know you're going to get a heavy, brutal as fuck album. Behemoth are pretty bad ass musicians, especially inferno. They are all awesome on their respective instruments, but there is something about Behemoth which I just don't like. Usually with most songs, I don't like the riffs much and I find the songs a bit boring sometimes.

In honesty, the reason I got this album was because I have the shirt for it. I figured well, I have the shirt, I should probably listen to this album. I bought the shirt on impulse, having heard a few Behemoth songs and liking them, I forked out $15 for a Behemoth shirt.

I have heard two Behemoth albums; this seems pretty similar to Satanica. Here the vocals aren't laughably retarded and over processed like they are on Demigod. Nergal's vocals don't sound like your traditional death metal vocals. I've never been a big fan of his vocal work but it is never unbearable.

The guitar riffs as alluded to above never really appealed to me much. They occasionally hit the spot with songs such as Zos Kia Cultus (title track) and Here and Beyond. But displays of such brilliance were too far and between. Mainly the songs seemed pretty mediocre and dull sometimes.

Drums are pretty bad ass. Inferno is probably one of the best in the business and rips shit up on this album as he always does. Behemoth are lucky to have such a good drummer in their arsenal.

The album came with a lot of bonus material which are played competently. They cover several bands such as Mayhem and Morbid Angel. I liked the majority of these bands so I liked most of the cover songs. Seriously though what the fuck were they thinking when they covered Hello spaceboy or whatever the fuck it’s called? The song is terrible and it is agonizing to listen to. It’s almost like a bad joke. I always skip this song.

This is an OK album overall. There are some moments of brilliance but unfortunately there is just too few of them. On the brighter side, the songs never really get boring, so this album is not a snooze fest and its not torture to listen to. All in all, not bad but not that good either.

Conclusion: The above is recommended for download only.