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Overrated - 50%

Stien_Says_Hi, September 7th, 2005

I am so goddamn sick of hearing about how great this CD is, when it really isn't.
This is where they begin to start with their sucking of balls.

The CD opens with "Horns ov Baphomet", which is a great song despite the redundant audio sample of some indian guy talking in the beginning above radio static. Symbolic or not, it's a pain in the ass. Once you get to the music, you see that they've changed greatly since Thelema6 and Satanica, to a much more aggressive, Death Metalish nature. Inferno's drumming kicks ass when he does triplets with the guitar and Nergal's vocals show a deeper growl than a Black Metal yell. After the music is done, there's another retarded audio clip and then the next song starts.

The next two songs are extremely monotonous. They even begin the same way! They have the worst riffing in Death metal ever. Most of the song is lyrics strung together mixed with meandering bad solos from Nergal. The only noteworthy thing to mention here is the drumming. Inferno is truly the star of this CD.

"As Above, So Below" is argubly the best song here. Though very overplayed, it doesn't get better than this. It's greatly catchy and headbangable without being annoying with solo egomania like in the previous two songs. The music video is pretty interesting too. The guitar work is awesome here, very thrash, I would say.

"Blackest ov the Black" loses steam, but is actually ok. I think the main problem is that there is another moronic solo that no one cares about. Nergal does way too many solos, and this time, it ruined a song that was actually alright. The riffs here are good, so Nergal should get credit for the grim songwriting he did here, both musically and lyrically.

The next song, "Hekau 718", is really dumb.
This is Nergal's religious superiority complex showing, by making a song to honor something no one is really familiar with or even cares to listen to, but rather just to say, "Hahahaha, it's so good to be smarter than everyone". There aren't any instruments, just weird synthesized noises and nergal screaming incoherently. He actually is saying something, but it's not music, so it sucks ass.

After that, "Harlot ov the Saints" is this blunt drumblasting with really fast-yelled vocals. It's lame. It's not even 3 minutes long. This entire song is a lot like the first minute of Satyricon's "Possessed". Gay, I know.

"No Sympathy For Fools" is the last good song here. Again, more odd song structure, but it's pretty headbangable and the synchronization between Nergal and Inferno is awesome here, especially in the first 2 minutes. And yeah, another solo that doesn't even fit the song.

After this, all the other songs are crap not even worth mentioning because they honestly offer nothing new to the CD besides more overdramatic solos, ANOTHER SYNTHESIZED SPOKEN WORD EMOGAY POETRY SESSION WITH NERGAL, and exellent drumming, no thanks to the actual songwriter of the band.

All in all, "Horns ov Baphomet", "As Above So Below", "Blackest ov the Black", and "No Sympathy for Fools" are your best bets here, but honestly, don't get this CD unless you're a real fan. I would just download them. This CD is so overhyped, it's sad.