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And you think you've listened to extreme music? - 92%

Lord_Demonized, November 3rd, 2004

Holy Shit! That was my first thought after listening to this record. Though there are many ways to play brutal music, it's very hard to create a masterpiece like this: Brutal, Sophisticated and intelligent. Don't expect boring generic Death metal here cause' the high skills of these musicians are reflected in the structures of the songs. That's something that could take several listenings to understand. Also, it's hard to believe how well executed is this album, specially the insane drumming of maestro Inferno. The production is great with a huge but clear sound where bass and treble are well balanced, plus a little emphasis on lower notes.

Some of the things that make this album so interesting are those trademark transitions from one riff to another. That's where Nergal really achieves a master's degree. On the other hand Inferno adds unbelievable dynamic to the music, gaining his place in the extreme metal drummers olympus. The guitars are always attacking in pairs with one of the most diverse works ever in Death Metal. Surprisingly, the bass is very important. It adds a great part into the heaviness of the sound, and in some songs like "Horns ov Baphomet" we can notice how it moves in and out of the main building.

Now into the songs. "Horns ov Baphomet" shows all the faces of Behemoth. I mean slow parts, many guitar layers, fast parts, technical drumming, awesome breaks and the varied vocals of Nergal moving from Death Metal growls to diabolic screeches. If you haven't listened to this before try the song "Here and Beyond". It is the most representative of this album IMHO. Another great highlight is the evil "As Above so Below", a song that reminds of Morbid Angel's best moments. Do you want sick blast-beat brutality? in "Harlot ov the Saints" you'll be more than satisfied. "Typhonian Soul Zodiack" shows a more Black Metal sound, in the style of "Pandaemonic Incantations" album. And "Heru Ra Ha: Let there be Might" is a brutal and complex song: a perfect closing-end.

This album is a must-have for every extreme metal fan. You've to listen to believe it. This is the record that takes Behemoth to the elite of the extreme music. The record that places Behemoth as one of the finest acts of Metal.