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Exigently brilliant - 91%

Dulthasil, March 23rd, 2008

Zos Kia Cultus sees Behemoth on top form, this album just works, a good example of how to write extreme metal. It is a relentless as you'd come to expect, but not mindlessly so, this is relatively accessible extreme metal, the production is thunderous, the guitars and vocals are all extremely clear.

This album possesses many classic moments, the title track being one of the finest. It is certainly a very consistent album, each track delivers in its own way. Though each track is as to be expected of a consistent intensity, each track has its own appeal and unique way of working, with Egyptian sounding guitars aplenty in the same vein as alot of Niles music.

Behemoth is a band driven by their drummer; Inferno provides an onslaught on the drums throughout the album, clearly and solidly. This is a feature which comes through alot on the album, it is the first thing to really grab you as you listen to "Horns ov Baphomet" and doesn't let you go until the end of “Heru Ra Ha (let there be might).

Having said that, the album also contains some distinctive and decent guitar work courtesy of Nergal, delivering those Nile esque riffs and technical but effective solos, adding enough variety to retain the listener’s interest

The only small flaw in the album i felt was the interlude tracks such as "Hekau 718" which felt unnecessary and more filler than anything else as it did little to add any more colour to an already brilliant album, but to be honest it is a very minor flaw.

Overall if you like black or death metal (or maybe if you don't like extreme metal at all) there is something here for you, possibly as good as albums such as Morbid Angel's "Alters of madness". to be listened to and if you haven't I strongly recommend you do.