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still holding the scepter - 89%

shemhamforashband, February 28th, 2014

After five years Behemoth releases their tenth album ‘’the Satanist’’ which is not what I was expecting, but they still managed to surprise me with a well-crafted and honest work.

The general feeling in this album is darker than their previous works; it has an obscure halo with great atmospheres and great harmony, the bass guitar has distinguished arrangements that seem great figures. Orion’s work is more distinguished compared to previous albums. Nergal’s and Seth’s guitars are great, they sound wholesome and they make killer riffs that create a perfect combination between black and death metal. Trumpets and French horns top it all off making the work feeling evil and elegant at the same time. What does not strike me is that the band put aside the heavy dragged riffs or kind of break downs that they used to play in tracks like the end of ‘’Daimonos’’. Those riffs are a great contribution for their music from my point of view, but this album can compensate with the dark atmosphere that I already mentioned.

‘’Blow your Trumpets Gabriel’’ for me it was not a great opener: songs like ‘’Daimonos’’ in ‘’Evangelion’’, or ‘’Sculpting the Throne of Seth’’ in ‘’Demigod’’ are way more effective and victorious! That song would have worked great as a third track. We can find more black metal influence in themes like the faster ‘’Furor Divinus’’ or the occult and passionate ‘’Messe Noir’’. But it was tracks ´´Amen´´ and ´´In the Absence of Light´´ that I find more brutal with heavy blasts, furious riffs, and creepy desolating interludes. Lyrics are exceptional in this album it seems to attack not only Christianity, but Judaism and islam too, the diseases that break the human apart from their own selves. And, has many mythological aspects, is interesting to note that the ‘’sun ‘’ is frequently mentioned maybe as the meaning of god who represents the oppression. I can conclude it can be metaphors of common sense against stupidity, the arrival of your joy and your consciousness.

The full of adrenaline‘’Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer’’ and the imperial ‘’Ben Sahar’’ will remind you they still hold the scepter in this industry. Something that I find weird was the track title ‘’The Satanist’’ the details in the bass and the drum rolls arrangements are cool, but it has this rock and roll chorus in a black metal aspect. At the end ‘’O father O Satan O Sun’’ is a great final for the album, all the instruments make a good combination to sound with more profound intensity in a melancholic environment, is a different track than other behemoth stuff and is awesome.

In essence, Behemoth is offering something different, but their trademark is there, it seems they just found the way to express their emotions on this album better. My only complaint is the absence of heavy dragged riffs. Nergal voice sounds deeply convincing. I believe that after listening to this album more than once you can get completely absorbed in the message and emotions that they want to communicate through the music as a meaning of translation it. In one word enjoy it!