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Behemoth - 'The Satanist' - 100%

Altair 4, February 4th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2014, CD, Nuclear Blast

The long awaited continuation of the Behemoth legacy, 'The Satanist' is everything you had hoped for and more. Organic, brutal, and genuine in delivery, this album now serves as the quintessential Behemoth album. The raw yet crisp production serves the vocals and bass particularly well, every instrument breathes naturally in the mix. The music itself is more or less a continuation of 'Evangelion', albeit certainly moreso from that album's track "Lucifer". This album's significance in the life of frontman Nergal is also particularly striking. This album, released after his battle against leukemia, is a monument to the human spirit and lust for life, to the defiance of untimely death.

The single/music video "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel" starts off the album with a steady, thumping ominous guitar riff. It builds and builds and crescendos throughout the song until reaching an absolute chaotic fever pitch. This song more or less sets the scene for the rest of the first half of the album. Up until the title track of the album it's fast, feral death metal, some of the best output Behemoth has put forth since 'The Apostasy'.

From "The Satanist" onward the album really hits its stride. The mid-paced rockers of the second half of the album tumble and crush, with "In the Absence ov Light" even sporting a midsection featuring a saxophone. The epic "O Father O Satan O Sun!" is the perfect close to the album, with a surprisingly anthemic feeling, it is the perfect ode to silver linings on very bleak clouds. This song will move you.

'The Satanist' is a phenomenal step forward, with the wonderful attention to detail in the mixing/production and songwriting, and especially the lyrical significance as a reflection of Nergal's journey, this album is truly a gem in the crown of Behemoth. Highly recommended for any self respecting fan of death metal, or music in general. The album's brisk pace and visceral approach will keep you coming back for years to come.

Highlight tracks: "O Father O Satan O Sun!", "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel", "The Satanist"