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Masterpiece of Occult Black Metal - 100%

FyreWalker, July 20th, 2009

This is legendary demo of one of famous bands on black/death metal scene. None of Behemoth’s subsequent releases has such spirit as this one. All their other albums sound too different and contain quite otherwise feelings. Only here, we can find primordial purity of really Black metal, the black metal that no one plays in our times. This amazing demo purports to be acknowledged as an album because of strong and serious musical and lyrical conception. It is not ordinary weak and penny-a-line odd job made by lazy yet ‘ideological’ teens, but almost masterpiece of blackest of the black musical genres.

It opens with low mystical sound of keys and nice hissing of cassette tape. ‘…Of My Worship’ sounds just terrible alike to the beginning black mass or other diabolic rituals, while I was listening to this majestic intro the horrible atmosphere deepened in the air. Here is simple but serious performance. In addition, there is no superfluous or far-fetched thing - just only descending darkness and preparation for vicious unholy and blasphemous obscurantism.

Minor tones in the beginning of ‘Summoning of the Ancient Gods’ give birth to morbid ungodly riffs. These riffs are excellent. Drums are surd deep and hypnotizing it sounds like some kind of ritual toms. Of course, vocals are malicious and morbid. Demoniac inhuman voice breaks through the thickness of sepulchral sound. ‘Mystic voices lead me to suicide… obscure my soul…’ It builds dark and dismal atmosphere of mystical or religious perversion. All next songs are amazing and great, all guitars sound perfectly during half an hour. Riffs have its main inspiration in the legacy of Hellhammer; they are evil, morbid but fascinating. Keys on this demo are most dark I have heard especially they create occult atmosphere of Devil-worshipping. Song by song you descend into depths of medieval obscurity.

Eventually, it is absolute masterpiece of old school Black metal, one of the very few releases where exists such kind of occult and mystic ambience. Unfortunately, it was the first and the last Behemoth’s release in that kind.