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By Far the Best Behemoth Album - 91%

PKendall317, July 12th, 2011

The Apostasy opens up with an introduction slightly over a minute long that starts out slow and quiet and then builds in intensity until exploding into "Slaying the Prophets of Isa" and 40 minutes of a brutal onslaught by Polish blackened death metal band Behemoth.

Behemoth's lyrical themes include paganism and references to the ancient, pre-christian world, and the band incorporates this into their sound. They do it in a way similar to how Nile makes their music sound like "Ancient Egyptian heavy metal," but with Behemoth, it's much more Mesopotamian sounding. This can be heard on tracks like "At the Left Hand ov God," "Prometherion," and others.

One of the best and my favorite aspects of the album and the band is Inferno's howitzer like drumming. It is simply phenomenal all the way through. At around 1:38 on "Slaying the Prophets of Isa," Inferno launches into a ( I apologize for sounding cliche ) artillery barrage that while short, showcases his talent as a drummer. His drumming is very fast, very precise, and very brutal sounding and reminiscent of tech death bands like their countrymen Vader.

Nergal and Orion's guitar playing is excellent as well. The best riff on the album in my opinion is the one featured on "Christgrinding Avenue," the last song on the album. The intro to "At the Left Hand ov God," is a dark accoustic one that again evokes the Ancient Greek/Mesopotamian sound that Behemoth incorporates into the album. Guitar solo's are also present on tracks such as "Prometherion", showing off Nergal and Orion's skills and showing just how much the band has changed since their black metal days, the only real remants of which are the outfits and the corpsepaint they use for live performances.

They are by now almost 100% a death metal band in the same league as other bands from their native Poland such as Vader and Decapitated. This album is in my opinion a must have for any metalhead.