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Demi-good - 65%

Magero, December 22nd, 2007

I only recently became a Behemoth fan with the last album, Demigod, and after listening to it on a near constant loop; I had high-expectations for The Apostasy. I was so used to the (triggered to hell as they may be) drums of Inferno, the buzz-saw guitar work or Seth and Nergal, and the immense, multi-layered, demonic vocals of Nergal. Now, most people by now would be screaming, “But come on! The album delivers that and more, surely!” Well, yes and no.

At first glance, yes, the album is every bit as technical, as brutal and as immense as Demigod. But something’s missing. There’s an almost unenviably feel of repetition, boredom and a very uninspired Nergal.

The album starts off all well and good with “Slaying The Prophets ov Isa” and yes, the song is promising. It’s brutal, technical and makes you want to kill small animals. However, not long after this song ends and the next song begins, you start to wonder if they hadn’t just made one song and hit “loop” every now and again. The song’s are good, but the inventive riffs like those found on Demigod are few and fair between.

The good points for this album however, are really good. The vocal work is more precise and concise, less “I’M SO DEMONIC” and more “FUCK OFF!” The guitar work HAS stepped up in technicality (if not inventiveness). The drums are still insane, I doubt Inferno could ever not be as mad as he is. They have done away with the triggered drums which made me cringe a bit, as they’re choice of production has left the drums sound too…off in the distance. Almost like a live recording instead of a sound-proof studio.

The highest point of this album is Inner Sanctum, the song with Warrell Dane of Nevermore fame on guest vocals. The song is creepy and brooding with a large feeling of hopelessness. I was very impressed with how they managed to make Warrell Dane’s voice, the strings and a piano fit in with the brutal riffage, but they did it.

All in all, this is a decent album, with nothing really BAD about it, but to me, it’s still nothing special.