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Classic Behemoth With A Few Twists - 95%

LeftHandOvGod, May 17th, 2007

As one listens to this album they will have no doubts that this is in fact Behemoth, and they have returned with a fucking amazing piece of work. Right off the bat this album will drag you in with its subtle intro; some monotone "tribal" vocals, then FUCK, it hits you in the nuts with an explosion of classic Behemoth smash face riffs and brutal drum blasts, all layered behind one of the best black metal voices, quite possibly, ever.

Behemoth has evolved a bit with this album, but the thing that I think Behemoth has built on most during the creation of this beast is the use of more “obscure” sounds. Behemoth has always incorporated choirs and a few assorted brass instruments, but on “The Apostasy”, they just seem a little more precise and thought out, if you will. For example on one of the best tracks of this album, “At The Left Hand ov God”, Behemoth opens with what I understand to be a sitar of sorts, or some other obscure stringed instrument. None the less, each extra addition to this album not only contributes the whole package but actually improves what is already superb Black Metal.

Another aspect Behemoth has worked on a bit more it seems on this particular album is the layering of vocals. This is most obvious on the track “Inner Sanctum”. Here Behemoth incorporates an almost Carcass like formula, in where there is the main deep vocals, followed by some higher pitched vocals, and it sounds fuckin amazing.

All-in-all this entire album really isn’t too different from Behemoth’s prequel album, “Demigod”. Although it isn’t as good as “Demigod”, it does in fact show that Behemoth as a band have begun a little more experimenting it seems. Whether it be with the more obvious use of obscure instruments or the layering of vocals, Behemoth really has begun to “evolve” into something truly powerful, more so even then they are already. Basically, if you have yet to listen to this album and are eagerly awaiting it’s release, continue to do so, because although it may not be as good as “Demigod”, it is an amazing piece of work that will surely not disappoint.

Highlights: “At the Left Hand ov God”, “Kriegsphilosophie”, “Inner Sanctum”, “Christgrinding Avenue”