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Meh... - 59%

ict1523, August 22nd, 2006

This is another album which isn't quite Behemoth's old raw black metal nor the new black influenced death metal. Its not really that good, despite some decent moments. This album and "Grom", although not total disasters are probably the two worst albums Behemoth released.

The album starts off with "Diableria" which is a short intro. It really doesn't do much for me. It has an eerie haunting sound to it and some chanting in the background towards the end. Next is "The Thousand Plagues I Witness". This song also really isn't impressive. It has mediocre vocals, bland and boring riffs, and only towards the end do we get something decent, which is a guitar solo, and even that is placed in the background so you don't really get to appreciate it much anyway.

"Satan's Sword (I Have Become)" is a faster song with some fast drumming and decent vocals, but the riffs here are once again bland and boring. Its basically almost one riff being played over and over and we don't even get a solo at the end to somehow make the song bearable. Its pretty bad.

"In Thy Pandemaeternum" is another faster paced song, but at this point in the album we do notice some change. This song is much better because the riffs are a bit more melodic and not as bland. The vocals are passable, and the drumming is pretty good. Even though the riffs are still repetitive here, at least the riffs themselves are a bit more interesting and melodic. Probably the best song so far.

"Driven By The Five-Winged Star" is another more melodic song and we could see that right from the first riff. Even though it sounds kind of doomish and it is slow, it sounds a bit more melodic and atmospheric. At about 40 seconds the song picks up speed, we get a bit more melody, and we even get a quick solo in the background, and it isn't the only solo. This song is full of short but to the point and melodic solos, making it one of the best songs on this album.

"The Past Is Like Funeral" starts off pretty doomish and slow again before Nergal's scream comes in and the song picks up in speed and melody. This song while long and not very interesting does have some melody and atmosphere, so that already makes it better than the first few tracks in the beginning which were really a pain to listen to.

"The Entrance to the Spheres of Mars" is the best song on here. It starts off with a melodic but blackened riff and although the constipated vocals make a return here, the added melody and atmosphere make this song pretty enjoyable to listen to.

"With The Spell Of Inferno (Mephisto)" is another pretty horrid song. Sounds experimental. All it has is basically one riff being played over and over with the synths coming in from time to time and chanting in the background. Its very annoying and pointless and should have been left out of the album, but looking at the length of the CD, it looks like they just needed some filler shit to make it a bit longer. This however is still better than the shit we have for an outro which is basically a bunch of noises put together with some synths and sounds like a broken CD thats still holding on for its dear life. Absolutely actually hurts my ears. I was able to handle the shit at the beginning but the last two tracks were just an absolute embarrassment for a band like Behemoth.

While this album has a lot of shit on it, thank God there are some pretty enjoyable songs right in the middle. This sounds more like an experimental album than anything. It seems like they were bored with trying to be like black metal, which is why thankfully the next album introduces their new style.