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Pandemonic Incantations - 68%

MrNemo, December 12th, 2005

Okay, this album can be called the last album in Behemoth’s early, Blackmetal material. I would not say that it is in classic fashion, under-produced, nor can it be called general Blackmetal, as later releases would imply. This is a fairly well-produced, melodic Death/Blackmetal with some synth in several places, although it’s very low in the mix, it performs it’s part well, even though I can’t say I am a fan of synths in general. There are certain resemblances to the following albums, although it still retains the ‘blacker’ style of the old eras, hence the statement I began with. Anyway, onward with the music itself.

The opening track, Diableria (The Great Introduction) is basically an, well, intro track with acoustic guitars (those who’ve heard Demigod, might find a small resemblance here) and chanting choirs. Actually pretty nice, although it’s no track you sit down and listen to; it’s not good on its own really. It definitely tries to set a bit of an epic mood, and it succeeds with this.

The second track, “The Thousand Plagues I Witness” is a really great track with a brass section (synths, of course) going and really nice riffs in some places. One of the better tracks on the album, and probably the coolest song title as well. Too bad the lyrics are pretty shitty on the whole album.

“Satan’s Sword” (I have become) is the third track, it starts right off, with some random riffs, some of which sound pretty okay, but I must say I find it pretty generic. The epic is still there, especially in the outro to the song, which I think is brilliant.

“In Thy Pandemaeternum” is probably the worst song on the whole album, or perhaps track seven. It really doesn’t stand out, there’s basically just boring riffs and absolutely none of the atmosphere from the first three songs.

When the fourth track finally ends, “Driven By The Five-Winged Star” starts off, with a nice guitar intro, and then goes in a fairly steady intro throughout the whole song. It’s very melodic, and the latter part of the song is basically a really awesome solo. I love this song, the best one on the album in my opinion.

When done with the really, really great track, “The Past is Like a Funeral” follows this up. While it might not be good when it begins, it gets better and better into the song, then finally reaches it’s climax. A great song.

Sadly, it all ends there, “The Entrance To The Spheres Of Mars” is a really shitty song, with almost upbeat riffs. I… can’t really say anything more about it, the song just plain sucks.

Well, it’s a fairly incoherent album, all in all, there are some good songs and some bad. The whole album is actually not that good, and even if it differs from both new and old releases of Behemoth, this isn’t exactly one of the better. If you’re a fan of behemoth in general, both new and old, you should try this album. It has a few good songs as mentioned. However, if you’re new to Behemoth, I wouldn’t recommend this. Try newer albums and some of the older ones, and then this.

Stand-out tracks are: “The Thousand Plagues I Witness”, “Driven By The Five-Winged Star” and “The Past is Like a Funeral”.
+ For the epic mood set in the first song
+ For a few really good tracks
- Incoherency
- Boring mixing, some riffs are really, really bland.

Final Score: 68 %. Just too incoherent.