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The art of rebellion - 80%

HeavyMetalHermit, May 15th, 2007

Behemoth rip through a stellar stet with a commanding stage presence. They're energetic and thrash the whole show and even throw in some fire breathing. A spirited, if not flawless performance with never a dull moment, it's over far too soon. The sound is good, a little thin compared to the albums but it's clear and all the instruments can be heard. The camera work is really good, lots of angles and movement. Better than on the later Crush.Fukk.Create (CFC).

Nergal talks extensively to the crowd between songs which is usually a good thing, except he's speaking Polish. Since Behemoth is from Poland and the show was recorded there we can't really hold it against him. I just would have liked subtitles included for us foreigners.

Now the fatal error: the guitar channels are reversed. Havoc is standing on the left and his guitar is on the right channel. Nergal on the right, his guitar on the left. The drums are mixed properly so the problem can't be solved by flipping a set of headphones over. How was this missed before the release?

It ends with two music videos from Satanica. The first consists mostly of Nergal singing with mythical symbols, fire and whatnot in the background. The other appears to have been filmed on stage before the show. They're alright but the live show is the highlight.

The DVD format of this release has be labeled a "bootleg" by the band. I don't understand why they would be opposed to it but if you're lucky enough to get it, it has a few extras not on the VHS. An interesting fifteen minute interview (subtitled) with Nergal and six audio tracks, a sampling of their previous releases. Also a number of frivolous items not worth mentioning.

Personally, I prefer Live Eschaton over CFC.

12 tracks: 10 live, 2 music videos.