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The beast is awake! - 82%

Asamaniac, November 5th, 2008

This is one of the times you wish for someone to awaken the beast. And when the beast is standing on its feet once again you pray for mercy, only this time it is slightly different. This Polish monster won’t spare your life. It will knock you down, making your ears bleed until you bow before its gloriousness. It seems that the apocalypse is here, only a bit different than what you imagined...

BEHEMOTH is one of the few Death Metal bands that has an ascending career since its inception back in 1991 in my humble opinion. From its first raw Black Metal days, the beast grew up to become this devastating war machine we know today. After the band’s incredible last album "The Apostasy", which blew me away with its incredible riffing, unmatched technique and impossible brutality (thanks KREATOR for the copyrights!), I was waiting for their next move. So, here it is, the band’s first ever live album.

Over an hour of BEHEMOTH is definitely something that sounds tempting for every fan. The incredible thing is how can these guys perform such difficult songs with ease and make them sound like simple ballads that are based on two chords. Especially Inferno is a fucking beast behind his drum kit! And wait ‘til you hear the drum solo...

Every BEHEMOTH favorite is in here, making this live album a kind of live best of collection that is filled with passion, sweat and pure Death Metal. Nergal sounds really enthusiastic screaming all the time, while songs like "Conquer All", "Slaves Shall Serve", "As Above So Below" and "Christians To The Lions" make you regret the fact that you were absent from that show (well, all of you who attended it you are some lucky bastards). The sound quality is really good, making this live experience more than pleasant.

I guess that what I have said right now makes "At The Arena Ov Aion" a delightful package for every BEHEMOTH fan. You will probably wonder what the catch behind it is. Well, nothing faulty this time. Just a magnificent live album by a magnificent band.

Originally written for Metal-Temple.Com
Yiannis D.