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Makes Me Want To Hear Some David Bowie - 36%

OzzyApu, June 28th, 2009

No joke, the David Bowie cover is the best track on here. Sadly, Behemoth’s original material pales in comparison and the other covers just suck. The clean vocals on it aren’t all that bad knowing how Bowie sings, and the execution is so sinister sounding and evil – coupled with the satisfying approach and it pretty much slays.

The other cover tracks are very short, spanning from two minutes to four minutes. Regardless, they all bore me to death and aren’t really worthy extra material, which is unfortunate but not too surprising coming from lame bands like Sarcófago, Mayhem, and the ever-atrocious Morbid Angel. Actually, I take that back – the Mayhem cover sounds pretty much like a death metal equivalent of the original track – and that’s a good thing. Even the “From The Pagan Vastlands” reexamination track sounds like a decent death metal cover of the original song. The production for each of them is just as good as Thelema.6 standards, but they’re just as dull and boring as most of the tracks on that album, as well.

The style itself is much like Thelema.6, so its not a stark departure in the end. Nay, we’d have to wait until Zos Kia Cultus for anything of value. This EP is like the bonus tracks that didn’t make it on the final cut because that would ruin the experimental nature of said album.

I don’t understand why this EP is sought after at all, since most of the material on it is pretty much a waste. You have what: one decent track from the album, one kickass cover, one decent cover, and the rest serving as cow dung? Not worth the money or time in my eyes. Even the video clip attached showcases a mediocre song over a live performance, so I’d hardly trade in my money for that deal.