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Almighty EP! - 85%

Legend, April 6th, 2006

This EP has been released only in 1000 copies for the Behemoth "The Act Of Rebellion" tour, and is now a very rare collector's item... it's a shame that not so many people can have this kick-ass EP! The first song is the titletrack, taken from the "Thelema.6" album. "Antichristian Phenomenon" is a great track: short but powerful, with evil lyrics and great vocals by Nergal, as usual. This track is followed by "Malice", a non-album song completely written by Havok: it's kinda different from Behemoth's style in "Thelema.6", so we can find it here on this EP. It's a good song, anyway. Song number three is a re-recording of their classic "From The Pagan Vastlands", from "Svevntevith). Behemoth really achieved a great resul with this re-recording, the track is now more powerful and evil, compared to the original one. Four covers follows: "Sathanas" by Sarcofago, "Hello Spaceboy" by David Bowie, "Day Of Suffering" by Morbid Angel and "Carnage" by MayheM. Nothing to say on the MayheM, Sarcofago and Morbid Angel covers, they're all good death or black metal songs and they sound good played in Behemoth's style, but the David Bowie's cover is kinda strange: as strange as a rock song turned into a death metal song; it's not bad, but definitevely "weird"!
Anyway, this is a great EP and my advice goes to all of Behemoth's fans: search this album and try to get a copy, it's really worth its price!