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Best Behemoth you'll ever hear - 90%

DaBuddha, November 22nd, 2006

This first EP from Behemoth will be, if you only know them as they are now, something totally different. This is not DM, but great and wonderous Black Metal. Harsh, raw and full of hate, a band that is full of aggression and the hunger to make an impact upon the scene. They couldn't sound this good nowadays with their new style, because Black Metal just has so much more to offer to the table than DM.

One word can sum up pretty much this entire release: raw. The guitars are very trebly and have a great sound to them. The drums are not as double bass heavy or blast beat heavy for that matter, as the new stuff but yet they offer great variation (for BM that is.) Vocals are HARSH! Nergal sounded great back then and as I write this review and listen to this at the same time I can't help but be dismayed at why they had to change. Certainly BM gives you more "kvlt" points than DM and as I said before, has much more to offer. There are some good solos too on this but nothing that hasn't been done before.

Transilvanian Forest is definately the standout track here. It's harsh yet beautiful and full of hatred. The drums near the middle of the song are fucking great. The solo at the end is great. Hell, the song is perfect. The rest of the songs are all offering something that sets them apart from the others. Pure Evil and Hate is Bathory all the way and Forgotten Empire of Dark Witchcraft is very atmospheric, with acoustic guitar, clean electric guitar, keyboards and a very well pronounced bass. Ok, I take back what I said before. THIS is the standout track. Damn this is fucking beautiful.

If you can find this EP, BUY IT IMMEDIATELY! Old Behemoth is where it's at, not their newer, more br00tal boring DM. Now if only they'd play more of this stuff live...