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Beheaded - Resurgence of Oblivion - 100%

Pestilent, March 20th, 2004

A sick and brutally executed job done by the Death Metal kings of Malta, Beheaded. This MCD truly brought out the expertise and talent that Beheaded have as a Band. Throughout the whole CD Chris Brincat (Drummer) never slows down and keeps on beating those skins as fast as can be. Mighty solos come from David Bugeja and his brother in arms Omar Grech along with some sick riffs. Whilst David ‘Cejca’ Cachia did an awesome job on bass. Growls are deep and gurgley as ever from their vocalist Lawrence Joyce ‘Wenzu’.

Even though this CD has only got 5 tracks, every one of them is worth listening to down to the very second. Each track is fast and brutal with exceptional technique. Especially the title track “Resurgence of Oblivion” which in my opinion is the best song ever written by Beheaded and will never be surpassed.Sound quality is great whilst the production is good too.