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Cut your flesh & worship Satan - 98%

ShadowSouled, January 22nd, 2008

I remember being a little skeptical the first time I visited Begrime Exemious' official myspace, due to the phrase "Canadian Lunatic Hell Metal"; I suspected that it was another generic (or just plain bad) band giving itself a fancy label, such as black horror metal or some such invented genre in order to attract more poor sods into their following. Looking back, I should have suspected that the city that gave birth to such hellspawn as Revenge and Axis of Advance could bring into being this slice of hell.

This is the first demo by this Canadian band, and it consists of four tracks of brutal black metal not really in the vein of anything that's ever been done before. The closest comparison I can pull here is with Arkhon infaustus, and even that's too distant of a comparison to my liking. The riffing could be best described as what would happen if you bred Demilich and Arkhon's guitarwork, which of course means nothing but good. The bass lines are loud enough that you can hear them, unlike your usual "distortion and krieg" black metal, and compliment the guitars very well. The drumming is highly varied and technical, as could only be expected from the drummer of Weapon. The vocals.... I've heard a lot of hellish things since I've started listening to this genre, and this ranks right up there with such things as Paulus Kressman's gravity blasts or Arioch's vocals. The most similar vocals I can think of is those of Cobalt, and tat doesn't do them full justice either; some of the sounds that come out of B.Infector's mouth shouldn't be possible for a human being. The band also makes use of dual vocal work, which I'm a complete sucker for.

If you are a fan or Arkhon Infaustus or Demilich, you would be doing yourself a great disservice not getting this demo in some way. This stuff is just plain cruel to levels that so many bands fail to ever reach. Such savagery can't be emulated; If you can't feel the Driving Force, then you can't play this kind of metal, period. Canadian lunatic hell metal indeed.