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My Way To The Star... - 90%

IxI_KILLING, December 18th, 2014

Let’s just admit it, we live in a world where imitating the previous generation is something that has to be done if we wish to find our way in this world. We live, copy, find our true selves and make our own concrete path through a jungle that is filled with wicked beings, wanting nothing more than to destroy that spectacle you may be becoming. The same goes for musical acts in today’s world. It’s a game of cat and mouse. The newer bands are trying to achieve a different level of creativity but before they do that, imitation has to be, in some form or another, a part of who they are. One of the front runners in that boat that is soon to take off is Begerith.

While many have said that what these gentlemen are doing is a clear cut copy-and-paste version of Behemoth, I have to say they are wrong to an extent. Begerith sounds like Begerith with a hint of Behemoth. It’s all comes back to the imitation part of the influence. You will hear it in any record you put on, it’s that simple. Now, that my rant about the above subject is over, let’s get down the dirt and grim that is “My Way to the Star…”.

After getting my hands on the record, I was very determined to think of Begerith as themselves. No bullshit, no imitation and no borders. I just let my mind think free to the point that they were a blank canvas and it worked better than I originally thought. As I pushed play on my Winamp player, the opening track, “Star Guiding Light”, began with devastation. I could feel the cult like chants, top heavy drum tempo and horns that consumed my soul, gripping it so tight that my heart could barely move. When things like this happen, when you let a record literally take control of who you are, the results are endless.

Knowing that the whole record might not be this way, I decided to pull myself back a little bit. With a small barrier in front of me, I held strong while the remaining 30+ minutes of “My Way to the Star…” played from front to back. Giving me whiplash, tossing my body from side to side as if I was in a semi-truck that just exploded, I couldn’t of been more pleased with what my ears were hearing. From the low-end fret tapping to the super low crushing bass lines in “7th Triangle”, these demigods are very pleasing to the ears, at least mine.

“My Way To The Star…” is exactly the record you need, deserve and have waiting for. It’s the best of all the worlds combined. The fact that blackened death metal has sort of lost it’s way, at least to me, in the last couple of years, I’m very pleased to see a band that is not scared to imitate what they see is the best out right now. According to me though, Begerith and this record has surpassed my tiny love for Behemoth by a landslide.

Originally posted at Hellfire Reviews