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Like it raw and primitive? Look no further! - 80%

thejoker, July 16th, 2011

Beeroth, the side-project of Azmaveth of Hortor fame, plays a bizarre mixture of ultra-raw black metal mixed with gothic and symphonic elements. To me, it's a very original sound, as most raw black metal bands just go for the throat without any recourse to any musical frills or extras. Not so with Beeroth.

Listening to this Beeroth disc (and for that matter, their new full-length too) is quite the experience in shredding, blood-spitting primitive unblack metal. The sound is as thin as a fresh layer of ice on some forlorn lake, and Azmaveth's vocals have the same throat-shredding intensity that Garm of Ulver's had at one time.

Musically, what we're looking at here is some fairly technical riffing over mechanically-blasting drums, but with some keyboarding and female vocal in the background. Normally, in this particular vein of black metal, keyboards are completely unheard of. But we must remember that even Emperor's early material on "Wrath of the Tyrant" had some keyboards as well - I would compare Beeroth's to those, but not as "evil" sounding.

Obviously, this being a demo, the sound quality is not quite up to par with "Total Annihilation of Leviathan Legions, Beeroth's debut full-length. The sound is much thinner and more understated, but the vocals are just a tad bit nastier. If you're new to the band, start with their latest release; then, if you're still interested, get this demo too.

Overall, a fine disc if you prefer your black metal raw and rare. If white-noise shrieking, tape hiss, and the feeling of having barbed-wire threaded through your ears is not your thing, then I definitely advise you to look elsewhere.