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A glimpse of what was about to come - 50%

Tio_Mac, September 10th, 2009

First of all let me make perfectly clear that I grew up listening to bands like this one back in my teen years and that I have the uttermost respect for their contribution to Spanish metal, so try to understand that I'm just trying to be objective about this album and not to diminish its value.

Let me please tell you that by the time Beer Mosh were on their highest rise (1991 - 1993 aprox.) thrash metal in Spain was represented mostly by pure thrashcore efforts like them, the first Soziedad Alkoholika albums, Angel Negro, Nopresion or Pleurosis. Knowing this, let's get into this E.P.

"Pesadilla" was actually their first official release on a record label (Overdrive, which also released the first Soziedad Alkoholika album). Six songs in less than fifteen minutes where Beer Mosh deliver all their angst, all their rage and all their frustration about society in general. You can sense this mostly on Iñaki's voice and specially in the song "Odio y Rencor".

If you have heard other albums by Beer Mosh then you know that in their later years they approached more heavily to pure thrash metal (more specifically on the "Injusta Prision" album), but in case you didn't have done it (which may be more than probable unfortunately) you may note that in "Pesadilla" there are very strong punk influences in there. Maybe because of that you can note that the lack of ability that the band still had with their respective instruments. Anyway, it's cool to hear it in a certain way. The ability wasn't the best, but the feeling was more than right. The attitude was there undeniably, and perhaps to enjoy the listening of this E.P. you should focus on that and try to forget the rest.

As usual in the Spanish underground bands of the early nineties the production is quite awful. The sound of the album is quite poor and can I hardly say anything good about it, but it's listenable anyway.

All of the six songs are worth a listen, but I'll point out "Pesadilla", "Odio y Rencor" and "Cualquier Día" as my personal favorites.

Still pretty raw but full of energy, a good showing of everything that would come later until the band finally broke up around 1998.