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Close to their quality peak, a good album - 70%

Tio_Mac, May 26th, 2010

As I stated in my review for the "Pesadilla" E.P., things were about to change in Beer Mosh's sound in the years to come. "A todos los cerdos les llega su San Martin" was the first full album for the Bilbao thrashcore beasts. This time they delivered a record more focused on the thrash elements even though they still keep a strong hardcore touch.

The album opens with "Esperando el fin", a song about the end of the world through the apathic vision of mankind. A strong showing, quite elaborated considering what they did before. The general feeling on the album reminds me of what Ratos De Porao brought to the table on the "Brasil" and "Anarkophobia" albums: nothing but in-your-face thrashcore / crossover played fast, loud and straight to the gut. One of my favourite tracks in this one for sure.

Next track has got a strong punk feeling sounding pretty close, as I said, to Ratos De Porao on those particular albums. Metal and hardcore will exchange turns on every track on the album, totally crossing over and making "A todos los cerdos les llega su San Martin" a classic of the Spanish scene of the early '90's. The best numbers on the track list for me are "Esperando el fin", "Lucha", "Pena me das" (my particular overall favourite on this one with a neck-breaking opening guitar riff), "Morbovision" and "Baila pogo sobre un nazi", which is a cover from a Spanish punk band called La Broma de SSatan so nicely done. There's some elements here and there which the band will keep on "Injusta Prision" where they get a clearer thrash metal sound and edge, making which is in my humble opinion their best album by far.

The production is way better than it was in "Pesadilla", much more polite but still raw and with lots of thickness and muscle. Now the instruments are clearly listenable, the songs can be perceived as a whole and are easier to listen to as opposal to their previous release where at least I had a hard time figuring them out.

"A todos los cerdos les llega su San Martin" was really good, but the best was yet to come.