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Best Solid State band in 2005 - 92%

post_scriptum, September 9th, 2005

WARNING : If you're used to the metalcore bands playing on Solid State records, THIS IS NOT METALCORE.

Becoming the Archetype is the one of the most recent band signed on Solid State records. I swear the label needed it. After a not so good Extol release and Living Sacrifice splitting up, the label really needed a metal band to keep his image.

First track is "March of the Dead". It's an instrumental track and synth is playing most of the time. Add a little bit of drums and an epic feel to it and there you have it. It's kinda good for an intro song, considering that I don't usually like them much.

Second song is "Into Oblivion". From the first seconds of this song, you'll know that this album will be good. The song starts with a standard melodic death metal passage. The nicest part is mainly the accoustic guitar part in the middle of the song, it then builds up to the melodic death metal they played earlier, then a nice little solo is played and finally comes back to the style of the beginning of the song. Add a breakdown (oh well) and nice blast beats and there you have the second song.

Song #3 is "One Man Parade" and is your standard melodic death metal track, except for the sweet death metal vocals when the song starts (because most of the time, the singer has a kind of half-metalcore half-death metal voice). This song has some nice riffs and maybe a relatively fast finger-picking part (I'm no guitar expert, so I might be wrong). The ending is quite surpising but that's what I like best about this song.

"Elegy" is next. Now this is the song you have to listen to if you want to know what BTA capable of. The most epic song of the album is a 3 parts piece. The first part is called "Deception" and is the part with lyrics. It also has some of the best riffs I've ever heard with a very strong epic feel related to them. We can also hear Ryan Clark from Demon Hunter doing some guest vocals (I couldn't care less, haha). The ending of the first part is quite awesome like the rest of it anyway. The second part is called "Lament" and is instrumental, it starts with a piano playing (some might consider that as cheesy or something, but I find it very beautiful) and it will be the center of attention for half of this part, then they start playing guitar along with the piano and I guess it represents pretty well the idea of "Lament". The third part starts and you still hear the piano but it doesn't take a long time before you start hearing drums and guitar playing and then the piano finally kinda melts in the sound of the guitar/bass/drum until you can't hear it at all. The song has a circular kind of effect especially because the end of last part ends with a riff they played earlier, but they put emphasis on it and make it sound heavier.

Next song is "Night's Sorrow". I mean... wow... this is the only instrumental song of the album but it's so good, I can't even describe it. Easily one of the best songs on the album. It's played entirely with an accoustic guitar.

Track #6 is "The Epigone". If you know what CCM is, well this is what the song is, minus the cheese and plus metal. If you're not christian, well it doesn't really matter because the song clearly kicks asses. Nice synth intro that fades out to let you only hear the metal that is BTA. Another breakdown and then a line that is sung by the whole band that always makes me shiver until the end of the song. But before the song ends, you'll be able to listen to a nice jazzy solo, which is always nice to hear, of course.

Track #7 is "Beyond Adaptation". The song starts with a fast riff and the song stays at the same speed until half of the song. This song is only 2:34 minutes long, so I don't have much to say about it except that it contains enough good stuff to consider it being one of the best songs.

Next song is "No Fall Too Far". I've heard the demo version of it before but the song sounds so much better with good production! I like the intro and the dual guitar thing they do (I hope this is how we call it). This is good guitar playing again, fast, precise riffs. The middle part is a big breakdown, then they return to the nice metal they were playing. After that, the solo starts and what is different about it is mainly the fact that he uses a different kind of effect he used on the other solos. Finally comes back to the riff of the beginning.

Song #9 is "Ex Nihilo". The guitar intro part is (if I'm not mistaken) played by touching the strings on the frets only, so that it adds a bizarre feel to the song. A melodic death metal part follows the intro. Another good solo and another breakdown. I understand why they put this song almost at the end of the record, it's probably one of my least favorite song on the album, eventhough it contains some nice elements, like the many solos and the ending when the singer yells "OUT OF NOTHING, A NEW CREATION".

The second to last song is "Denouement" and it's really the denouement of the album, it's a short instrumental song, the only words you have to remember are mellow, accoustic, guitar, piano, drums and bass.

The last song! "The Trivial Paroxysm" is probably the song that has the more styles played of the whole album and that's mainly what makes it good. I like it when bands finish an album with a strong track.

So if you're a fan of melodic death metal that isn't boring, if you're a fan of christian metal or if you don't mind a couple breakdowns (I was never really bothered by them), this album is for you. Something worth mentioning is that we can actually hear the bass being played throughout the album and it's pretty rare I can easily hear the bass, so that's a really good point. Another thing is the wonderful cover art done by Dan Seagrave who did covers for Gorguts, Edge of Sanity, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, etc.
Finally what I really like about this album is the fact that it contains GOOD music. It's been a while since I've heard an album (done by a christian band) with so much talent in it.