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This is true Melodic Death metal! - 95%

ThrashingMetal, November 25th, 2006

I bought this album because I wanted to listen to some good metal that was about God instead of the usual "blah blah hail satan blah blah". I spent a good chunk of change on this album, but it was totally worth it! The vocals are powerful to say the least, the guitars are insanely good, and the instrumentals aren't bad either. Prepare to "Terminate Damnation" with this album!

The music itself focuses on being crushing, and then very soft. The instrumentals are anything but metal, and besides the full-length instrumental tracks, there's usually at least 2 on each track with lyrics. They strangely work somehow right in the middle of some of the heaviest music you'll ever hear in your life. There's only aggressive vocals, meaning that the interludes are left without any lyrics. This works perfectly especially since most songs feature a very soft little interlude, then this huge shriek of aggresion that will scare any fan of Pop music. The guitars on here would make Sabbath proud as would this album in general!

The vocals range from Metalcore shouts and screams to real "death-grunts", something most current Melodic Death metal bands lack. They are very powerful, and without following with the lyric sheet, you wouldn't know what the artist is saying. They certainly don't sound like a Christian band at all. I thought As I Lay Dying were cool, but these guys are far superior in the vocal area. This definately isn't another "run-of-the-mill" Hardcore band; these guys are metal!

I highly urge any fan of Arch Enemy, the Autumn Offering, or other Melodic Death metal bands to pick this up! This will also suit any Christian metalhead or really any fan of Death metal. Pick this up right now and be blown away by sheer metal! You won't regret it. May God have mercy on our souls.