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A full blast of melodic death metal - 92%

Soldier_of_Christ, March 11th, 2009

Very neat...that was the first impression that this album made on me. I've listened to the different songs again and again and this is definitely not getting boring in any way. We all know that you get those metal albums that get boring after a while. But with this album, Becoming the Archetype just once again proved that the Christian death metal scene would be very empty without them.

The album explodes with a full blast of melodic death metal and the music certainly creates a mysterious atmosphere within the mind. The lyrics are not just some irritating and mindless scrap, but instead emotionally loaded and neatly done. What captured my attention, was the perfectly keyboard harmonics in the background and the exploding growls and screams of the vocalist. The guitar and bass riffs are very neatly formed and this is really not just another death metal album.

Becoming the Archetype brings yet another exciting masterpiece to the Christian death metal scene and we can expect great things from this band in the future. To be honest - I've never heard any material from this band that was not good. They are like a shotgun that just keep on reloading and reloading with a full blast of buckshot every time!