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In this age of utter madness... - 100%

langXhan222, March 20th, 2017

Let me start by saying I've no problem go for this sort of vocals, and I say that Quorthon is also the best example of this vocal style, also I must admit that this album is very strong. I can say the same for Bathory's previous two albums, that stuff also does float my viking boat. I would recommend Twilight Of The Gods to fans of Manowar, as the viking theme succeeds in bridging the two styles of music. This is, after all, how I discovered the viking metal of Bathory. But we're left with a problem. Although this record falls safely into the category of true metal, I have heard stories of opposing Bathory factions taking this to various extremes, the followers of Bathory's black metal and viking metal accordingly.

Nonetheless, this one is incredible. It's not the raw Bathory seen in The Return and the debut, it's not the new sound they brought on Under the Sign of the Black Mark. It's epic Bathory. After the successful "Hammerheart", the leader Quorthon brings the vikings back with this gem. The theme of this brilliant album that was started on "Blood Fire Death", shows the true progression from the old satanic themes that dominate the first three albums. This album contains all the elements needed for true epic music: atmospheric chorus, catchy leads, excellent vocals, mid-paced sections and interesting lyrics. The acoustic melodies on this album are prevalent and fit in very well with the theme of vikings.

The powerful "Twilight Of The Gods" kicks off with a slow acoustic guitar melody, and then kicks into a full blown viking attack, featuring crushing guitars, heavy drums and clean vocals. It is evident that throughout the songs several guitar tracks were recorded, and this song ends with an atmospheric acoustic outro. It's also the longest song ever recorded by Bathory. "Through Blood By Thunder" also contains acoustic guitar melodies accompanied by underlying distorted guitars, making the intro sound far better and raw. After a few moments, your ears are infiltrated with epic riffs, crushing leads and screaming clean war cries. Contains a chorus singing behind Quorthon's war-torn voice adding to the epic feel. This song alone makes one feel like strapping on some viking boots and armor and raising a sword to Odin himself. "To Enter Your Mountain" is one of the highlights on this wonderful album. Several layers of acoustic and electric guitars are audible throughout the entire song, with excellent and tasty drumming that prevail in this track and the choruses are full and melodic.

The production on this album is very raw, and couldn't be better fitted. If this album was to have modern high technology recording, I'm sure it would be worse of an album. Twilight Of The Gods is flawless by all metal standards. If you happen to be the kind of person who doesn’t like this kind of vocals, you should either learn to overlook it or love it. I say that because if you ignore this album because of the vocals, then you are missing some very special music. I wasn’t too keen on this album's vocals at first, but I learned to fall in love with it because at the time I hadn’t heard vocals like it before.

However, I commend Quorthon for his efforts to live the true viking spirit through music. Hail to Odin!