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Bathory light... - 78%

Snxke, January 28th, 2005

"Twilight of the Gods" is Bathory's most relaxed record. It's strolling pace reminds one of "Hammerheart" but lacks little of the two-fisted fury that made that record such a grooving and ominous piece of work. In fact, this record seems almost content to slide along melodically and tell it's stories in an almost melancholy manner that never pummels or shakes. The record is filled with moody acoustics, Quothorn singing as Quothorn does and the music slides sad epic after sad epic of world demise. This is a powerful record, but not a record that ever really "rocks". The Viking-rock becomes metaphor for a world that is dying

The opening "Twilight of the Gods" is a rather powerful introductory track that sticks in the mind and shows Quothorns ability to write a sombre epic. "Under the Runes" is a controversial bit that musicall stands as one of the mans stronger tracks. "Bond of Blood" has rather macbre march to it that mixes the choirs a bit better than some of his other epics as well. Much of the record though follows a pattern of acoustic opening and mid-paced middler that really doesn't excite as it should. Nothing here is heavy, but nothing really is catchy either. The songs create a great atmosphere but don't work as individual songpieces the way that many songs on earlier records do.

Bathory are at their most atmopheric here but not their most memorable or exciting. It's not poor, but it's not great by any means either. It's here not there in the concept of heaviness and it's not truly the most epic work aside from the title track either. Bathory would start to crack and shift here into something that was less than pleasent and this record, while still good - marks the downfall of the project.

For all Bathory fans and fans of Quthorns epic works...I'd check this out. Those of you looking for excitement can look elsewhere as this record has none.