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True Twilight - 90%

C_Dub, October 11th, 2004

A follow up album to Hammerheart, very epic indeed, and with wonderful musicianship involved, as always. A worthy album for it's predecessor.

The album indeed starts out with an eerie wind atmosphere, it slowly adds up to loud guitars and depthy drums, very powerful indeed. The first song, I think is very great, the weakest part is probably Quorthons vocals, which maybe could've been a tad louder, and maybe better sang? Not sure, the rest of the song is just amazing work, in my opinion. Very atmospheric and somewhat doomish. It's 14 plus minute length seems to fly by as you sit and enjoy the music, it fades out with great acoustics and atmospherics (the wind.) You can practically see the mist.

The album in itself is a very epic piece of work, often overlooked when compared to Hammerheart, but the whole mood is different I think it's so full and powerful. The solo's and drumming and everything just adds up into a huge masterpiece, I think. I know I am repeating myself, but it truly is an album you should sit and listen to with closed eyes, unless reading the lyrics, which adds a great effect to your imagery also.

Indeed an album to pick up and checkout, whether you are into this sort of thing or not. Stand out tracks? All of them, but really I would say "Blood and Iron", "Under the Runes", really all of them.

The lyrics are somewhat different on some of the lyrics, mostly though they stick to the epic "Viking" style lyrics, which some anger in here and there towards present time people. I think Twilight of the Gods, the song at least was somewhat comparing today with long ago? Maybe I am just way off.

Indeed a great album to pick up, I think, so powerful and full of atmosphere, and just damn good music.