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The continuation - 80%

UltraBoris, September 8th, 2003

This is so similar to the first Bathory LP, but better in a qualitative way I can't really put into words. Where the first was just fast for fast's sake Venom worship with a lot of pre-Venom punk to it, this one manages to succeed in being dark and unholy. It's pretty much Bathory, Version 2.0, and man the upgrade helps a lot!!! The production isn't as clear as the first album, but it works better, actually. It's not a punk-up speed job, but rather an atmospheric black metal work.

The songs are all pretty similar - raw speed metal in a way Motorhead never quite imagined. Dark imagery like Venom never dared. This is black fucking metal indeed. The silly intro reflects the first Bathory, and is pretty much disposable - it's at Total Destruction that things get going. Man, what an opening riff. Black metal is very necro and inverted-pentagram, but it's also supposed to be a headbanging mindfuck, and it is. You like Venom?

That wasn't a question - that was more a confirmation. You like breathing oxygen? Then you like Bathory "The Return". Born for Burning is more bangage, a bit more groove, but still just as necro. There's no real surprises to be found among the rest of the tracks, unless you count the squealy guitar solo of Possessed. Iron Maiden, this is not. But nor is it really Kerry King. Or how about that thrash break in Reap of Evil. Fast as fuck, and bangest thy head as if up from the dead. Oh yes - the highlight of the album. Or maybe Sadist, with its long extended thrash section. Ahh, too many highlights.

Outro. Silly. Production values. Nonexistent. Is it worth the plastic it's pressed into? FUCK YES.