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CLASSIC!!! - 97%

GoatRitual, June 9th, 2006

Let me start off with this. If you haven't heard or at least heard of this album before, or have not heard of this BAND, then you better get with it, buddy.

Absolutely classic release from the mind of Quorthon, most certainly the first hero of the evil Black Metal world. What I refer to as the evil one is the real one, not synth worship fakes.

The album starts off on an upward musical progression built upon audible doom. The title is perfect - "Revelation of Doom". The second track commences with some raw old-school riffing in the black/thrash vein.

"Born for Burning" is a perfect example of how Bathory worship bands like Toxic Holocaust achieve a certain sound, but it will never be what Bathory once was!! Fucking destructive song patterns, raw guitar work in Satan's name, and blasting drums. This is black metal in its earliest form of even the slightest evolution. Very minimal. Very cold and distant. Bathory is root to the world of Black Metal. "The Winds of Mayhem" is yet another prime form of the earliest black metal. The first solo rips in towards the two and a half minute mark.

"Possessed" slightly reminded me of the earliest Immortal I had heard, heavy repetitive rhythms accompanied by the deadliest screams from Hell.... "I am POSSESSED!!!". The solo after this second chorus is beyond words. It lays beyond hopes of what a modern day musician could create. Sure it's possible, but it won't be Bathory. Bath "The Rite of Darkness" as well as "Reap of Evil" are by far some of the best examples of the early Bathory era. Quorthon's motivation for creating music and titling/writing song started to differ past the next album. Not just that, but they're part of the blasphemous, nun-defiling audio soundtrack of an evil ritual.

The next two tracks further develop this album in its entity, "Sadist" offering a killer early Thrash breakdown that multiple bands later renominated and further developed it themselves. The breakdown is without a doubt the most stand-out one on the album, giving reminder of the "Born for Burning" style of Quorthon riffs. The last track is again as evil as it gets, with about the most appropriate title; "Return of Darkness and Evil".

In final conclusion, I've always considered this album to be at the top of my black influences list, as well as the self/titled. For comparing influential groups in the early '80s, this is certainly up there with (if not ahead of) Possessed and Sepultura. There is no room for filler, this is a straight up black/thrash attack from 1985. Let the blood of Bathory flow!!!

© 2006