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Bathory - Discography Review Part II - 95%

GermanSteel, May 3rd, 2018

Hello once again! Bathory, The Discography Review Part II is finally here! first things first, I like this album more than their self titled, as I said in my first review about Bathory's releases after the first. This album really in my opinion is their darkest and most EVIL release they have ever put out, and that is not just a play on the title of the album,happy accident haha. Anyways without further ado, I bring you BATHORY! THE RETURN... This album really laid down the foundation for the dark sound of black metal, for this album was way ahead of it's time. What I like about this album is it isn't afraid to scare the shit out of christian listeners with it's purposefully dark sound and lyrics.

The album really packs a punch for those just getting into black metal and is definitely a marvelous introduction to extreme metal as a whole for anyone who is interested. The album has a certain atmosphere as well as maintaining it's aggressive features from the previous album.This is the first first wave album that actually has an authentic black metal sound and incorporates all the themes of modern black metal. The vocals are evil and make the whole experience really creepy like black metal is meant to be. Even though Bathory's self titled album introduced the whole satanic lyrical concept, this album has a thick, dark atmosphere that outshines the factor of lyricism because most people don't pay all of their attention to the lyrics, especially when listening to black or death metal, they pay attention to how it sounds.

The sound of this album is what really makes it great to listen to because the production is excellent and it sounds like a demon (Named Quorthon) is on vocals. The guitar riffs and the vocals match perfectly and really emphasize the overall heaviness and darkness of the release. For being released in 1985, this album was like a look into the future for those following the first wave of black metal in the mid 80s because it was so intensely aggressive and heavy but still had that dark cult-ish sound that started in the late 70s and early 80s. The Return may not be my favorite album, but it's definitely up there with my most beloved albums of all time. When I first listened to this album, I had literal goosebumps because of how dark it is, just thinking about at the time made me shiver! To think that black metal started with just this one guy is pure fucking insanity.

The influence that The Return has on black metal and extreme metal as a whole is nearly indescribable because of the pure genius that went into it. The soul-sucking darkness and malevolent riffs will tear a new hole in your fucking heart. Every track on this album is a symbol of Quorthon's ingenuity when it comes to music, the 8 tracks that is album contains are all flawlessly written and produced like it was meant to be legendary but then again, unknowingly at the same time. This release, like most metal releases was most likely unwelcome in many households due to how dark it sounds. Even the album cover and logo are absolutely perfect and dark as it should be, but I've always wondered whose actually doing the artwork? The album covers for their entire discography look inhuman but sick at the same time.

Now, I hate to, but I must discuss some of the "negative" qualities of this release (if there are any). The only thing I can really think of is kinda similar to the debut, sometimes there is a bit of monotony. With this album I don't mind as much because the entire album is supposed to sound dark and evil, so it is understandable that there is a lack of variety. The album focuses on two aspects : thrashing aggression and dark atmosphere. The intro, Revelation Of Doom really sets the atmosphere for the whole album and kinda gives away what genre this album is going to be. The atmosphere stays with the rest of the album and the vocals feed off the darkness.

Now my favorite part! the positive qualities! Now, I would say "Everything" but this is a review and I have to be specific. But what I just said is kind of true, I have NO issues with this album whatsoever especially since I love every single album Bathory has ever released. This album has many good qualities, kind of repeating what I said before, but the atmosphere is an excellent quality and the aggressive thrash riffs make this entire album. Sound is EVERYTHING, and The Return has a way with dark and beautiful sounds. The album has a somewhat raw production, considering it was released in 1985 but it is still beautiful.

Talking about my favorite band is somewhat difficult, because I want to say so many good things but don't want the review to be too long! I love this album and this band so much, I just have to say a lot about them both! Sadly, I must wrap the review up because I've said pretty much everything I can about the album. For anyone new to black metal, I highly recommend this diamond, it is a dark masterpiece with a lot to offer and you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for reading my review, and expect a part III to come here shortly because I am committed to reviewing the entire discography, album by album.