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Black Metal? Why yes it is! - 84%

BurntOffering, April 12th, 2006

For all the people that say black metal is new and like Dimmu Borgir or whatever. They don't know shit. This is pure Black Metal. Evil, entergetic, and necro as fuck. This has riffs down the throat provided by the one and only Quorthon. The production on this is......well, there is practically no production values. It just adds to the raw intensity and heaviness of this album and is pretty revolutionary for 1985.

We have "Revalation of Doom" which is a long 3 minute intro full of random noises and screams. You can feel the imment doom aproaching. "Total Destruction" has riffs, and a lot of them. Quorthon has some insane vocals. No one else sounded this evil at the time. That opening riff is just beyond heavy. Great way to open the album. "Born for Burning" is a midpaced Black/Thrash song with more killer riffs and vocals. "The Wind of Mayhem" is more of the same. Quorthon has an intresting way he plays his leads, which is straight out of the Tom G. Warrior sense of playing guitar. "Bestial Lust" sounds kind of like a Venom song, but this is more evil sounding than Venom ever thought they could be. "Possessed" is a song that dosen't really stand out and is a bit average, but even the average on this album is still pretty damn good. "Reap of Evil" is some more raw, dirty Black/Speed Metal. Yes, some of this album does sound similiar, but when it's this good, who cares? "Son of the Damned" is fast as hell with awesome little break half way through and before you know it, it's over. Oh yes, Quorthon is a lyrical genius, something that needs to be pointed out. "Sadist" starts out similiar to a few of the past songs, but half way through we get......THRASH BREAK!!! and it commands headbanging. Best riff on the album right there. "The Return of Darkness and Evil" is probably the crown jewel of the album. The riffage is a lot more memorable and that chorus is infectious. "The return of my master Satannnnnn!!!" Yeah, this is evil done right. The outro is kind of pointless, and I believe it is now at the end of every Bathory album. At least the CD versions.

Well, this is some awesome early, raw, speedy Black Metal. This is the 2nd in a series of 4 albums that Bathory did that were worth checking out. The influence is unquestionable. If you like the Nordic stuff they did later on, you'll probably hate this. For everyone else that likes Venom or Celtic Frost, this is right up your alley. RECOMMENDED.