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The house of God burned to the ground! - 83%

lumabyte, December 10th, 2004

After two great Viking albums, Bathory brings us this great piece of Thrash Metal. What? Bathory playing Thrash Metal? Well, why not? They already played Black, Death, Viking... and yeah. Now also Thrash (Although Bathory already released some thrashy songs in 1993's Juabileum Volume II compilation album).

1991's Twilight of the Gods was intended to be the last Bathory album, but after recording a Solo album, Quorthon decided to keep Bathory alive. Well. Lets center now on the music:

Heavy and thrashy riffs, wild thrash metal solos and not death / black vocals on this album. Quorthon is screaming the whole fucking album! All songs contain the same kind of main riff, that we could also listen in next album, Octagon. Concretly there is the "Damned Riff", one of those u keep in your mind cuz is simple, but fucking catchy. Alterations of this riff can be listen in almost all the songs. Its the main riff for "Suffocate", maybe the best song in the album.
The lyrics deals with earthly occult matters and death.

A great and different (dont know exactly why) thrash album. Brutal and fuckin thrashy and fast, this deserves nor less than 80% or 85%.

Song highlights:
-Pax Vobiscum