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Unfortunately... - 45%

corviderrant, January 31st, 2004

After two releases that lost me ("Hammerheart" and "Twlilight of the Gods"), I was hopeful for this album to reclaim some of Quorthon's glorious thrashing madness. It does, but something is missing. Maybe it's just that he made an album to silence those naysayers who said he'd lost it, because there is certainly a lot of gratuitous thrashing on this album--none of the dynamics and class of "Blood, Fire, Death", and none of the distinctively sick feel of the earliest material. Just a lot of 100mph and not much else, plus weak production without the trashy character of the old days. Don't get me wrong, this has its moments--the title track blasting off right away, "Crosstitution" with its amusing title and severely anti-Christian lyrics--but it lacks identity and variety. Every song blasts by at 100mph with little variation and he plays basically the same solo on every song--how cool is that? Not very. "Distinguish To Kill" even features a blast beat ending the song with seriously atonal riffing over the top, but that feels tacked-on. Not one of his better albums, for certain, and do yourself a favor by avoiding this unless you are a completist. Or better yet, download the songs I mentioned and save a few bucks!