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Bathory goes Brazilian - 77%

Sigillum_Dei_Ameth, November 4th, 2009

When it comes to knowing which to listen to between Bathory mid 90's thrash metal material, "Requiem" is the obvious choice. This is because "Requiem" still has a blackened feel to the mainly thrash metal sound still that has more in style with Bathory's sound in general than the Pantera-wannabe bullshit that was a pile of dog shit album "Octagon".

First off, you know it's Quorthon singing, because on "Reqiuem" is actually SOUNDS like Quorthon with his trademark evil vocals, rather than some dickhead who wanted to sound like a bad Dave Mustaine/hardcore punk singer. So again, at least we know it's Quorthon singing. Second the music is actually a damn good blackened thrash sound that is more old-school Destruction, and early Kreator and eerily resembles South American death/thrash. Oh there are riffs and plenty. Not to mention the sound production is very raw, yet warm sounding and you can actually hear the bass. Drums have a very underproduced sound, but this actually adds to the black metal influenced sound.

The first 3 songs are fast and will induced some air drumming, or air guitar worship, whichever your preference is. Also some cool song titles like "Necroticus" and "War Machine" seem like a throw back to 80's metal cheese. Also, the song "War Machine" is fucking excellent. It's a mid-tempo thrasher that has a nice head-bangable main riff and an excellent guitar solo. "Blood And Soil", Quorthon sounds like a rabid dying dog about to rip your fucking head off. "Pax Vobsicum"...Quorthon nails the basic thrash metal riff. The last 3 songs are in the same style and don't differ at all. Last but not least the lyrics are cheesy, but there are a few lines which deserve mentioning such as ;

"how the bitch is cut wide open from her cunt to her throat" - Apocalypse

"The altar covered in lifegiving cum,
the smell of forever running wet cunts" - Blood And Soil (I don't know what he's talking about, but it's hilarious)

Bottom line, I can see myself listening to this album from time and time again. It's very enjoyable. For thrash metal-era of Bathory, stay the fuck away from "Octagon" and listen to this instead.