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What the hell was Quorthon thinking? - 0%

chaossphere, June 22nd, 2003

Geeeeez... I swear this album was released solely to prove that some people will buy ANYTHING with the Bathory logo on it. It really has to be some sort of sick joke on Quorthon's part. Now, I actually LIKE bad production, when it's done well, if that makes any sense. This abortion, on the other hand, sounds like it was recorded using homemade instruments fashioned from old pieces of rusty aluminium and driftwood, while the drum machine sounds a lot like, well, a rubbish bin. Probably the same rubbish bin Lar$ used on St Anger, in fact. The liner notes claim that it was recorded over a period of several weeks. The only explanation for this is that Quorthon painstakingly took his time to make sure it sounded as awful as possible, to make sure not a trace of atmosphere or anything remotely listenable appeared on the album.

I won't even bother breaking down individual songs, since they all sound the same. What we get is a monotone, pounding machine rhythm with some horribly played half-assed thrash riffs being belted out while the formerly-invicible Quorthon delivers a bunch of moronic "social-conscious" lyrics in a voice that resembles an angry drunken sailor reciting a monologue about his health problems. There is literally no variation here, no interesting riffs, not a shred of anything that made Bathory's previous efforts so great. Even Requiem, which is quite mediocre, shits all over this from a great height. Then, just as you think it can't get any worse, he pukes up a cover of Kiss's "Deuce" that manages to sound even worse than the original. Yep, that's right, a Kiss cover that sucks more than Kiss. Words cannot describe how pointless this album is. But still, i've done my best, in the hope that I can save some unsuspecting new Bathory fans from wasting their money on this.