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Heh, it's not COMPLETELY worthless - 25%

UltraBoris, March 21st, 2004

Having given out my daily "zero" already, I can't possibly give a THIRD consecutive null rating to this album. It's not that bad... well, it's close, but not zero point zero level.

After listening to about 20 minutes of this, it dawned on me EXACTLY what this sounds like... the 1985 home recording done by Jeff Hanneman as a quick demo tape to share with his bandmates before they went in and formally wrote the songs to Reign in Blood. Note that that was a "quick demo", and is thus grim and kvlt. This is an actual release, and thus it gets no such leeway. It's SHIT. And Quorthon sounds exactly like Hanneman but with an accent. There's a good reason why Hanneman is not Slayer's vocalist.

The production is awful. Clangy drums, inaudible guitars... then the songwriting is also awful. Lots of bad Slayer ripoff riffs, and in fact this sounds EXACTLY like what would happen if Hanneman made a riff tape right before Divine Intervention. I won't even bother counting the exact moments where songs sound like Slayer songs... but I noted Hell Awaits, Temptation, Criminally Insane, Killing Fields, and that's when I stopped noting.

Oh yeah, some of the lyrics are just plain hilarious... "eat my shit! suck my dick!" Thanks, Quorthon. I can't really name any highlights of this album - to do so would imply going back to listening to it again, which is not something I plan on doing.