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A worthy way to close Bathory's career - 100%

WeCanWorkItOut, March 26th, 2017

Bathory is a band that has gone through many changes since its creation in 1983. The early album helped give birth to black metal and in 1988 Bathory released Blood Fire Death, which created a new sub-genre in the metal, the viking metal. The greatest boss, the most ambitious architect of epic-astral riffs, Quorthon, returns with the second installment of "Nordland", the record that marked the return of the viking sound to Bathory.

Nordland II returns us to the best Bathory. Recreating the mystical era, the time when Venom meets Conan. Demons, swords, violence, villages in flames, pain, passion, adventures... and Quorthon converted again into the style's messiah, the maximum guru. The guitars sound very heavy, a bit fuzzy, but still great, when he hits those power chords you realize why they call them POWER chords. The drums sound good, no problem there, the only problem I have with this album is that on a few of the songs I can not hear Quorthon singing, at all, and on this album I think his vocals sound the best out of all of Bathory's albums.

The album begins with “Fanfare” which is an all synth song that drags on for three and a half minutes, only about one maybe two minutes of this song is needed. Next is my personal favorite “The Land”, which is the pinnacle of the album, during its six minutes it never slows down or gets boring. "Death and Resurrection of a Northern Son" and "The Messenger" are very memorable, as long as you accept that you’ve already heard the songs a thousand times before, are songs that sound more true metal than the fucking Manowar’s Louder Than Hell.

This is Bathory's last album and one of most underrated albums along with Blood On Ice, this second part shows a difference in songwriting compared to past works. Some like Blood On Ice were mainly used always both heavy and soft elements in their songs, but on this album we get heavy with tons of cool vocals. A lot of these songs caught my eye with a first listen, which is great because some of their previous works (Destroyer of Worlds) took me longer to dig. There is a vast amount of good songs on here, and everything seems to be in the music for the right reasons.

Quorthon lits fire to the heart of warring army with discs like Hammerheart, Blood Fire Death, Twilight of the Gods or the later Blood on Ice. Even "Nordland" was praised. Nordland II is a very epic album featuring lyrics describing viking battles and nature. Overall it's a very good album with many great riffs and solos, beautiful keyboard/synth work and great vocals, all done by Quorthon. Nordland II is a great epic album and I would recommend it to anyone how is into viking/folk music. Navigating the same seas in which battles were once fought, Quorthon rewards us the Nordland saga and says goodbye with this effort. A great way to close Bathory's career.

Standout Songs:
Blooded Shores, Sea Wolf, The Land, The Messenger, Wheel of Sun