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Poor compilation for a poor era in career - 40%

themastertherion, October 4th, 2006

It's hard to figure out why Quorthon felt the need to release this one. The only reasonable explanation I can give is: to release the unreleased tracks. The material that is worth giving a listen to only make up to the number of five, three of which we already know from Blood On Ice. The remaining are the two of five unreleased tracks, namely "Satan My Master" and "Witchcraft" while the other three are useless. You may come to like "In Nomine Satanas", anyway. The rest is compiled out of Requiem and Octagon stuff plus a sampler-alike from Hammerheart.

There are compilations that are worth obtaining no matter you own the complete discography of the artist. It doesn't even matter that these compilations contain no new or unreleased versions. You play it and it hammers you down to the ground since all the titans are grouped there together. In Jubileum III, this is not the case. It might have been better if Quorthon filled this up with Jubileum-leftover tracks from the first four albums. What he produces here is nothing but highlighting the downfall of Bathory in time, observable through the Jubileum serie.

No more than a collector's item, for one can live without the unreleased tracks in Jubileum III that are most probably thought by Quorthon as the main assets of this compilation.