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A Nice Collection of Tracks - 97%

mercyfulfate666, September 3rd, 2004

This is the second of the three Jubileum albums from Bathory. This basically is a greatest hits collection. This one focuses more on the Viking era and some unreleased stuff but does have some black metal on it. The album starts off with a classic "the return of darkness and evil." this just sets an evil mood for everything. This was the original version of the song and not the one that appears on "the return." This album, as i said before, contains many unreleased and rare tracks like "Burnin' Leather," "Die in Fire," which reminds me of Judas priest for some reason, and the early version of "The return of darkness and evil." This is really a cd worth getting for new fans of Bathory and older fans because you get a little bit every style Bathory played. From the black metal classics like "Call from the Grave," "The Return of Darkness and Evil," "Raise the Dead," and "Possessed," to the more thrashy "the golden walls of heaven," to the epic Viking masterpieces of "twilight of the gods," "shores in flames," and the legendary "One Rode to Asa Bay." If your interesting in getting into the legend that is Bathory this is a good place to start because you see the many sides and forms that is Bathory.