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Outstanding - 95%

VaderCrush, April 25th, 2008

I'll admit it: This was the first release by Bathory I ever picked up. I saw it beside a copy of Octagon in my local record store and decided to pick this one( Thank god.)
Jubileum is a collection of various Bathory songs, picked from the first five albums, as well as a couple of unreleased tracks...And honestly, they couldn't have done a much better job with their compilation. it's an excellent piece for newcomers to the band who want to hear their transition in sound over time, offering both gritty black/thrash classics like "Cry From the Grave" and "The Gold Walls of Heaven," alongside the booming viking/folk sound of "One Rode to Asa Bay" an "Twilight of the Gods."
The unreleased rarities included on the disc are quite interesting as well, mainly consiting of a thrash-based sound along with Quothorn's unique vocals. The first being a cleaner, surprisingly more upbeat version of "The Return of Darkness and the Evil" with slightly different lyrics, the lightning fast "Burning Leather", and "Die in Fire", which is a catchy tune with rather disturbing lyrics.
The only problem I can place is that the order of the tracks of questionable. The album skips around from viking to black somewhat often, leading one to believe that little thought was put into that category.
Nevertheless, it's all hear for people that want to sample Bathory's sound before diving into the band. Those already into them may be dissapointed that some excellent tracks were left out, but there's nothing really wrong at all with this album in terms of sound.