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Smaug, June 11th, 2005

Holy shit-crackers, it's the ancient black-metallers Bathory with a release that doesn't sound like the production studio manager was jerking off on the job! First album I listened to by these guys was "Under the Sign of the Black Mark", and that would have been so much better if there was some sort of balance between the bass and guitars. No matter. A nod to Bathory is a nod to one of the first black metal bands of all time. So if you don't like them, fuck off. Now for the review:

The album starts off with a horse neighing in the background, eerie atmospheric music playing. The horse begins it's charge and as the track progresses, you hear a chorus in the background doing a Lord of the Ringsy chant. The track comes to a climax and shifts into the second one with light accoustic guitar playing a dark melody. The melody continues on, Quorthon singing softly in the background. Then a pause. BAM! Guitars blare and the drums kick in. The vocalist lets out a painful cry of "AAAUUGH!" The track proceeds to ruin your shit with shredding guitars, fast-paced drums, insane guitar solos, and classic Bathory vocals in an almost epic song.

That is the greatest fucking opening to an album I have ever heard in my entire life.

The rest of the album's tracks aren't nearly as long as the first two that are combined. They usually clock in at about four and a half minutes, but are just as equally fast and grim. Each and every single one of them. This album, I can almost say, is fucking perfect. All the instruments on this album are well balanced and to say the least, very fucking talented.

Then there's the second to last track before the out. The track titled after the album. "Blood Fire Death". Who needs subtly when you get this? This track is just as epic-like as the first one. Mixing in accoustic guitars at the beginning to help add to the macabre atmosphere of the album.

If you like black metal, you will get this.

RIP Ace Quorthon Borje Forsberg